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Our Philosophy

BJLive! operates with the same constant, firm values every day: commitment, innovation, dedication to service and teamwork.

A committed company

Our commitment stems from our users’ daily experiences and the problems and obstacles they encounter. This inspires us to persevere in our work in investigation and innovation in order to create solutions that really make an impact on the daily lives of people with disabilities.

The depth of our involvement has brought about the dedication to service and user support that defines us, and has led to BJLive! being considered a leading company in our sector.

Our work goes beyond business objectives: our company was created to provide real solutions for people with disabilities.

Dedication to service

Support is a fundamental concept in our philosophy. Our work does not end when a product is sold – for us, it is just the beginning. Our true objective is to be of help to disabled people in the long term. 


Every person is different. Our products should adapt to every user – never the other way around.

For this reason, all of our products and designs allow a high level of personalization, and we are always open to creating a personalized solution for every user.  If it exists, we supply it. If it doesn’t, we create it.


At BJLive! we are aware thatjoining forces is necessary to achieve better results.

Our partnerships with distributors, therapists, users and institutions throughout the world are designed for this very purpose. 


Our commitment stems from the intense personal experience that led us to create the company.

This drive to improve constantly inspires us to continue innovating and creating with the highest dedication to service and support.

Breaking Barriers Awards

One essential tool to offer our support to people with disabilities has been the creation of the Breaking Barriers Awards. 

Created in 2007 by our company, Toshiba Iberia and Microsoft Spain, the Premios Romper Barreras are a point of reference in Spain’s assistive technology industry, with more than fifty award winners named and nearly two hundred and fifty submissions received since they began. 

These awards acknowledge the work both of individuals and institutions who show a creative use of assistive technology in improving the day to day lives of people with disabilities.

As in previous years, the last edition of these awards, which took place in 2015, was comprised of two categories: group and individual. Two award winners were selected in each category, receiving a cash prize, some of our products and a Toshiba computer, in addition to their travel and accommodation costs incurred in collecting their awards being covered by our company. A total value of €20,000 was awarded in prizes.

For more information, visit: www.premiosromperbarreras.es