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Being able to access devices affords us the possibility of using computers, telephones and tablets with everything this entails in today’s environment. This allows us to:

Communicate via e-mail, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter or messaging services. New technology and social media have changed the way in which we communicate, and being connected with people and our main interests is now easier than ever.

Learn with the use of educational content, online training or adapted content. Nowadays, everyone can substitute conventional text and notebooks with computers and tablets.

Work in an increasingly demanding environment. Making use of the best tools available for accessing computers will mean that mobility issues are no longer a professional limitation.

Have fun, play, control the environment, read, watch movies and listen to our favorite music. Anyone can enjoy these activities, whatever their level of mobility.


Turn your wheelchair's joystick into a mouse

Fully customizable sturdy joystick

Use your smartphone or tablet with one or two switches

Connect up to two switches to your computer, Smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth

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