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“We can all take part!”

We believe in universal participation and can provide you with the products and services that can help children and adults to develop skills and undertake appealing, motivating activities such as:

  • Controlling adapted toys
  • Taking photos or making videos in an adapted way
  • Using domestic appliances
  • Completing simple computer activities
  • Learning cause and effect...

Our range of BJLive! products will help you to find limitless options for activities with adapted toys, computers or domestic appliances and other devices.

Would you like some ideas?

Consult our document "Activities, Communication & Participation for all!" to encourage participation. They have been classified according to their level of complexity, so that you can implement them at school or at home.

The students at this special needs school show us how to use assistive technology to encourage participation in daily activities. 


Control up to 4 different toys or adapted devices from your computer

Connect any switch and take your favourite pictures

Control household appliances by means of a switch in a simple way and perform hundreds of activities

Participation, communication and environmental control with unlimited activities to perform. (Minimum 15 products).

Activate it in any direction

Detects very small movements

Manage time as never before

Enjoy and speed with this speedway

Funny and crazy monkey 

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