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The mission of BJLive! is is to provide products, services and technology that improve the quality of life of any person with disabilities.

We are pioneers in improving the autonomy of people with disabilities, their possibilities of communication and their access to work and leisure.

BJLive! is the international brand of BJ Adaptaciones, the leading company in Spain in the manufacture and distribution of assistive technology. Since 2002, we have designed, developed, distributed and installed solutions that help people with physical or intellectual disabilities to achieve greater independence.

Our Barcelona-based company offers a full range of products that adapt to the specific needs of each person, allowing him or her to interact and engage with the environment, to learn and to be as autonomous as possible. Our products range from those allowing access to social networks, via smartphones or tablets, to those that create multisensory spaces and control the environment.


Borja y JoaquinThe initials in our company name stand for the names of the two brothers who founded it - Borja and Joaquin Romero. It was a joint project they began as a result of Joaquin’s personal experience as a multiple sclerosis sufferer.

Although our company was established in 2002, its origins date back to 1990, the year that Joaquín was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

Understanding that the disease would lead to a gradual deterioration in Joaquín’s mobility, the Romero brothers began their first project: adapting Joaquín’s home to prolong his autonomy, independence and quality of life with assistive technology.

They took on this challenge employing their training and knowledge (technical architecture and telecoms engineering), and it became the starting point of our company.

Drawing on this first experience, Borja and Joaquín Romero created their business plan for the design, manufacture and distribution of assistive technology solutions aimed at improving the personal autonomy of people with any kind of disability. The products they had initially designed and manufactured for Joaquín were soon available to a great number of users in a similar situation.


  • Our products are available in more than 25 countries through our network of distributors, with whom we maintain a close working relationship to guarantee that every product is accompanied with the support of the best experts.
  • We have a catalogue of over 135 different references to provide a solution for every person’s specific needs.
  • We distribute our products in Spain and Chile under the BJ Adaptaciones brand, and we are market leaders in both countries. This allows us to have direct contact with the final users of our products and continue to learn thanks to them.
  • Our company comprises a team of 25 people.
  • More than 125,000 people have benefitted from the solutions created by BJLive! or distributed by BJ Adaptaciones.


Discover the values that are the backbone of our work.