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BJOY mice adjust and adapt to the user. These devices are designed to fulfill any accessibility requirements and are easily and completely configurable, making them capable of adapting to any level of mobility.

Every BJOY mouse is easily and completely configurable, allowing its control to be adapted and personalized to suit each user as much as possible.

Discover the advantages of BJOY

  • Customizable hardware

The color and number of buttons, layout of the various elements, knobs and other characteristics can be fully customized.

  • Configure the BJOY to suit your needs

Thanks to the BJOY Configurator software included, you can adjust the speed of the cursor, the function of each button, the orientation of the device, the auditory feedback and the drag-and-drop setting, in addition to many other features.

  • The settings are stored in the device

All the adjustments made using the BJOY Configurator software are stored in the BJOY, so that it can be used with your settings every time you connect it to any compatible device such as a computer, smartphone or tablet. There is no need to use the software again.

  • Computers, tablets, smartphones

All the BJOY products are Plug and Play devices and are compatible with Windows, Android, Linux, Mac OS X, Chrome OS.

More possibilities

The BJOY range offers the possibility of configuring each device to each user.

If you require further customizations, let us know and we will manufacture a device to suit your specific needs.

From September 2019 on, you can also control your iPad or iPhone with any mouse within the BJOY range, easily and without the need of an additional device.

This will be possible with Apple's software update, iOS 13, which allows control of their mobile devices via a mouse.

The BJOY configuration is fully compatible with this update and offers additional features  which add even more value to the adapted solution.

End users can customize their mouse according to their needs!

Read more about how to do it or watch the video below.


Control the computer with your chin

Choose the direction of the pointer with its big buttons

Fully customizable progressive joystick

Fully customizable and simplified progressive joystick

Fully customizable sturdy joystick

Fully customizable and simplified sturdy joystick

Create your custom-made mouse with external switches

Very sensitive progressive joystick for minimal finger strength

Very sensitive microswitch joystick for minimal finger strength

Turn your wheelchair's joystick into a mouse

Turn your wheelchair's joystick into a wireless mouse

BJOY Chin with support system

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