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Material to develop gross motor skills and provide vestibular and proprioceptive information. It helps to build and organise awareness of the body, aiding better orientation, planning of movements and maintaining balance and posture.

The vestibular material can be used in the context of multisensory rooms or in other spaces, and its use can be framed within Sensory Integration or in other intervention contexts.

In our catalogue you can find different solutions adapted to each user's mobility and interests. If you need help with the installation do not hesitate to ask us, we will be happy to advise you.

Free design project!

You imagine and we create! Ask us for a free design project for a sensory room that adapts to your needs, available space and therapeutic goals. Send us your contact data and one of our specialists will contact you to design a complimentary design project for you.

Snuggle, rock, swing,... feel the comfort and the wellness

Anchor support for the Snuggle Bag

Convert a chair into a hammock

Enjoy a gentle rocking

Enjoy a gentle rocking feeling the vibration of the music or the video sounds running through your body. 

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