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With the wheelchair's joystick

The BJOY range also includes the BJOY Ring and the BJOY Wireless Ring, two USB devices that  allow the joystick of any chair to be converted into a mouse for controlling a computer, a tablet or a smartphone.

Part of the BJOY range use the BJOY Software developed by BJ Adaptaciones to create a precise configuration that is completely adaptable to each user’s needs.

Every characteristic of use can be modified, such as the speed of the cursor and its orientation or the functions of each button, among others.

All the user settings are stored in the mouse, so there is no need to reconfigure it in order to use it with another device. These mice are easy to install and are compatible with every operative system.

Cable or wireless? We can help you to decide

BJOY Ring is ideal for controlling mobile telephones, computers or wheelchair communication devices.

BJOY Wireless Ring is ideal for controlling devices that are not in the wheelchair, or for controlling more than one device.

Check out this video tutorial to learn how to mount the device correctly onto the wheelchair’s joystick.

Turn your wheelchair's joystick into a mouse

Turn your wheelchair's joystick into a wireless mouse

Connect BOY Ring Wireless to more than one device

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