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Multisensory Environments

Multisensory Environments

Multisensory rooms are environments for controlling sensory stimulation aiming at helping its users in a therapeutic way by providing lots of benefits such as: boosting intellectual activity, promoting interaction and communication or providing relaxation. They are ideal for therapy, learning, stimulation, relaxation and fun. in BJLive! we have developed an evolution of the sensory rooms: the SHX System, which goes a step further and makes rooms totally immersive, interactive, and customizable.
At BJLive! we are international specialists in the design and installation of multisensory rooms with a proven expertise with over 400 sensory rooms successfully installed worldwide.

Our rooms are...

Immersive: press a button and go to a paradisiacal beach. Customizable: edit the content and upload your own content and videos. Interactive: the user experiences the cause-effect in the first person. Controllable both by the therapist and by the user himself thanks to the different controllers. Therapeutic and educational: the space is adapted to each user and the therapist can control the level of interaction and stimulation. Scalable: you can start with an element and add devices little by little.

Visit our multisensory blog to read more about multisensory solutions, ideas of activities and user stories.

Download our Multisensory Catalog to learn more about this technology and see examples of multisensory rooms full of therapeutic opportunities.

Endless options...

multi web (1).jpg

Build your room little by little

You can start with a single element, such as a tube or a fiber, or any of our Luminea light devices, and gradually add elements to your room to achieve an increasingly complete and immersive space. Tell us how you imagine your room and we make it come true.


multi web (4).jpg

Start with a small corner

The Luminea corner allows you to have a small multi-sensory space full of therapeutic opportunities in a self-installing corner that is very easy to use.



multi web (3).jpg
The most immersive environment: SHX rooms

SHX multisensory rooms are interactive, immersive, customizable to each user, and controllable by the user himself, turning the entire room into a new thematic world at the push of a button

RF MYROOM_300ppp.jpg
Your room at home!

We create for you a 100% multimedia and sensory environment capable of coexisting with the rest of the usual elements and adapted to your needs. A space of autonomy and adapted leisure!

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A tailored room just for you

Each of our rooms is unique, since it has been designed in detail by one of our experts in order to create a complete stimulation environment for a personalized therapeutic intervention, always in accordance with the needs of its users.

Free design project!

You imagine and we create! Ask us for a free design project for a sensory room that adapts to your needs, available space and therapeutic goals. Send us your contact data and one of our specialists will contact you to design a complimentary design project for you.


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A sensory space wherever you want

Real Objects come alive in the room

Control the colours of the light elements as never before!

Snuggle, rock, swing,... feel the comfort and the wellness

Comfort that embraces your body

The fundamental elements for all the senses

Exploration in all respects

Create the universes you imagine, controlling the whole room at once

Immersive audiovisual aids as well as authentic multimedia and multisensory contents

Learning through sensory resources

Designed to feel the vibration of the music or the video sounds running through your body. 

The most immersive system for a sensory room

The most immersive system for a sensory room is now dual display

Stunning light effect coming from the sky

LED Ultraviolet spotlight

Real Objects come alive in the room

Anchor support for the Snuggle Bag

Illuminate your room with this curtain

Shine your light

Illuminate your room with this curtain

Push the button and dive into a new world

Enjoy a gentle rocking

Sit down and enjoy on this sofa with armrests

Enjoy a gentle rocking feeling the vibration of the music or the video sounds running through your body. 

¡Change the room with your feet!

Play with light elements in a room from Grid...

Explore the world through your senses

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