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SHX app

This App allows connection with the SHX server in a multisensory room with SHX technology. Thus, you can have all the options of an SHX room and control it from any iPad or Android tablet. Once you are connected to the SHX server, all the contents and options included in the SHX rooms will appear on your tablet. This app allows professionals and users of the room to communicate and interact in a multisensory room, taking control of it and choosing the most suitable content to meet the objectives of the therapeutic session. The user can also control the room from his/her usual access method.

Download here

To control the SHX room from an iPad, download the App for iOs.

To control the SHX room from an Android tablet, download the App for Android.

To control the SHX room from a Windows computer, or control with your eyes, download the App for Windows.

For further information on how these to use the SHX System, download the User's Guide.

SHX-new features (5).png
Control the room with your eyes!

The user can control the SHX room with their eyes. All you need to do is have a computer with a gaze device, a Tobii PC Eye, or a dynamic communicator with eye gaze tracking, and download the Windows App described below. The possibilities for interaction are boosted!

Download here

To control the SHX room with your eyes, download the App for Windows.

For further information on how this system works, download the Application Note.