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SHX Remote

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SHX Remote is an App that allows you to control an SHX sensory room from Grid 3 and Tobii Communicator software, or other programs. Users can use their usual access method, and control the SHX room from their computer or dynamic communicator quickly and easily.

The SHX Remote App allows the user to communicate and interact in a multisensory room by taking control of it and experiencing the cause-effect in first person. Users can use their own computer or dynamic communicator and access from their usual access method. It is ideal for carrying out activities that enhance communication and interaction and encourage their participation.

Download here

Download the App SHX Remote here.

For further information download the Application Note.

More information

Read more about the SHX System hereor download the SHX Multisensory Room User Guide for learning more about how to use the SHX System and take advantage of all its possibilities.