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A Dream room.

Dive into the sensorial stimuli sea and transport yourself to a new world just by clicking a button. An ideal space to go back to the basics and connect with yourself and the environment.

This multisensory room with SHX technology takes a giant leap past Snoezelen rooms. It is an adaptable space, totally customizable for each user, immersive, interactive and it can be controlled by the user with a lot of controllers each one more original and accessible. The SHX rooms lets the whole space become a themed world just by clicking a button, thanks to the coordinated activation of all the elements and lighting devices ( the bubble tubeball pool colours, the images and sounds from the screen, the optical fibres…). Suddenly you will find yourself under the sea, with sounds, images, vibration, colours and lights that will make you feel like you are actually underwater.

With the SHX Tablet you can choose different videos or images that you want to project onto your wall or screen, and this content will also trigger the rest of the elements and devices for a totally immersive and surrounding effect. This room, as well as all SHX rooms, include activities and specific content for therapeutic intervention with different types of users, especially those with functional diversity, children at an early age or elderly people. Therefore, you can achieve your therapeutic goals and specific needs for each user and session.

Therapeutic Opportunities

The SHX multisensory rooms are perfect for developing specific skills, learning, leisure, and therapeutic use. They help to regulate behaviour, improve concentration, provide wellness and encourage a positive mindset. In this room the users work with emotions and senses, therefore it becomes a cognitively secure and accessible space. It also brings users into a state of calm and relaxation or activation, as needed.

This multisensory room could be a great tool for: residences for the elderly, schools, day centres or any other place where a therapeutic intervention takes place.

Suitable for

  • People with disabilities
  • Children or adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Children or adults with intellectual disabilities
  • People with cerebral palsy
  • People with brain injuries: ictus, traumatic brain injury...
  • Children or adults with physical disabilities
  • The Elderly
  • People with dementia
  • Small children, early intervention
  • Children and adults alike

The room includes

*You can also request a multisensory or snoezelen room totally tailored to your specific needs, varying the elements you see in the photo. Contact us by clicking here or at this email: info@bjliveat.com and tell us about your idea and requirements.

Free design project!

You imagine and we create! Ask us for a free design project for a sensory room that adapts to your needs, available space and therapeutic goals. Send us your contact data and one of our specialists will contact you to design a complimentary design project for you.