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Wise people room.

Senses, emotions and personal memories are an incredible opportunity to stimulate the wise ones, activate them, slow down their deterioration and balance their mood.

The new SHX environments for elderly people let the therapist stimulate moods, approach emotions and practice cognitive stimulation exercises with the support of motivational content that coherently emerges from different sensory channels.

This multisensory room is one step further than the formerly known Snoezelen rooms for the elderly because it is totally customizable for each user or group of users, it is interactive, totally immersive and manageable by the user or carer. Since it has been designed especially for elderly people or people with cognitive impairment, it presents all the necessary elements to obtain different cognitive, motor, sensory and social processes. The room contains a bubble tube, optical fibre, a vibroacoustic seat, video projection especially designed for elderly people, a kit to control the room through voice, several controllers to change the elements of the room as desired, adapted furniture, the possibility of screening family photos or your own videos and much more.

Therapeutic opportunities

The use of multisensory environments improves the emotional, behavioural and cognitive state of elderly people. It helps to fight against the progressive deterioration of the sensory, motor, cognitive and social skills that this group of individuals often encounter and it brings emotional well-being through attractive stimuli. The SHX rooms, have specific content matter for working working with elderly people to curb  memory loss and improve recollection, while also compensating for the lack of mobility and sensory deficit with the use of specific activities linked to the SHX software. Moreover,multisensory environments can be used as entertainment and leisure. You can turn your room into a dance floor, a cinema, a night with fireworks or watch a famous football match... The controlled and personalized stimulation of the senses results in more well-being, peace and happiness for elderly people.

Suitable for

  • The Elderly
  • Dementia or Alzheimer
  • Adults with physical disabilities

The room includes

*You can also request a multisensory or snoezelen room totally tailored to your specific needs, varying the elements you see in the photo. Contact us by clicking here or at this email: info@bjliveat.com and tell us about your idea and requirements.

Free design project!

You imagine and we create! Ask us for a free design project for a sensory room that adapts to your needs, available space and therapeutic goals. Send us your contact data and one of our specialists will contact you to design a complimentary design project for you.