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Ultraviolet corner.

Open a door to the multisensory world by installing an ultraviolet corner in your Snoezelen or sensory room, or a small space in any bedroom. When the lights go out, the darkness reveals mysteries and objects that only shine in this corner. 

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A simple way of setting up a sensory stimulation or Snoezelen room is by starting with an ultraviolet light corner. This small sensory space is ideal for initiating therapeutic intervention or adding to your existing multisensory room to carry out different types of activities thanks to elements that glow in the dark.

Ultraviolet elements provide powerful stimulation in the darkness, as they shine and stand out above everything else, attracting users and making it easier for them to focus their attention on the lit objects. They are ideal for people with visual difficulties, attention deficit issues or impaired spatial perception, etc. The user interacts with an environment brimming with visual stimuli as the objects reveal themselves and dance under the magical ultraviolet light!

Therapeutic opportunities

This space favors sensory perception and encourages users to develop their senses through discovery and exploration. It facilitates attention and focus and helps strengthen visual tracking with eye-catching objects they cannot stop looking at or promotes proprioception by using amusing objects such as gloves, dresses, or reflective rags for example, so that their body reflects in the darkness. Ultraviolet light is conducive to an endless number of activities: drawing with reflective colors, creating lines, recognizing simple shapes such as letters or numbers, and anything else that comes to mind. It promotes interaction, communication, and the stimulation of the senses, and is ideal for fun leisure activities for adults, children and anyone else.  

Suitable for

  • People with disabilities
  • Children or adults with physical disabilities
  • People with visual impairment
  • Children or adults with attention deficit issues
  • People with impaired spatial perception
  • People with cerebral palsy
  • Children or adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • People with brain injuries: ictus, traumatic brain injury, etc.
  • Children or adults with intellectual disabilities
  • Small children, early intervention
  • All children.

The room includes

The price of this room may vary depending on the specific needs of each case. Does not include room padding.

Free design project!

You imagine and we create! Ask us for a free design project for a sensory room that adapts to your needs, available space and therapeutic goals. Send us your contact data and one of our specialists will contact you to design a complimentary design project for you.

You can also request a multisensory room or snoezelen completely customized to your needs, varying the elements you see in the picture and adapting to your space and users with whom you are going to use the room. Contact us (multisensorial@bjadaptaciones.com / 932 850 437) and one of our professional experts will advise you on the best option for you.