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Luminea Vibroacoustic Pool


Change the colors of this lighted and vibrating ball pit 

Ball pits are a fun therapeutic element that encourages movement and play. The massaging and vibration effects of the balls also encourages proprioception, self-awareness and movement.

Illuminated ball pits consist of transparent balls that allow coloured light to pass through them and be projected from inside the pit, creating an incredible light effect that boosts interaction.

Feel any sound or music running through your body thanks to this vibroacoustic ball pit which follows the rythm of music. Dive into the magical fun of a pit full of balls that change color. Allow yourself to be surrounded by and wrapped in colored light while you play and learn without realizing it.

Interact with light as never before

Our Luminea pool can be used along with a 6 button, a giant die (Sensory Cube), a colored mat (Sensory Step), the switch that you want, or even with the Luminea App (available for downloading) to control the colours of the pool in a unique way.

What makes this amazing App even more attractive is that it allows the user to control one or several Luminea devices and also includes dozens of built-in activities. The interactivity of the App helps us to achieve diverse therapeutic and/or educational objectives. Use the fun and creative activities we have provided or easily create your own activities with this App. It’s limitless!


Multiply its possibilities

Besides being part of a small sensory room, Luminea pool can also be part of the SHX System as part of a more complete multisensory environment, which multiplies the interactive possibilities within an integrated system that incorporates the remaining devices within the room, including projection, sound, etc. All the functionalities that the SHX system offers, such as voice control, eye gazing, use of various controllers including the SHX Mat, SHX Die, Button 6 and other access devices are also possible with our Luminea pool.


Find out more about SHX Sensory Rooms and the authentic immersive experience by clicking here.

➤ Download now our Multisensory Catalogue and discover sensory rooms as you never imagined.

Useful for...

Proprioception and selfawareness 


Identifying personal/spatial boundaries 

Visual-motor coordination 



Visual tracking 

Joint attention 

Choice making 

Social skills 


Suitable for

Suitable for

  • Cerebral palsy
  • Autism spectrum disorder
  • Brain injuries: ictus, traumatic brain injury...
  • Learning disabilities
  • Small children, early intervention



Dimensions: 145 x 145 x 70cm

Includes the necessary translucid balls set.

Includes vibroacoustic shaker for the VA effect

Integrated operation within the SHX system


  • Compatible with the SHX system

  • AUTO mode: colour changing (cycle) without any controller

  • Switch input  for AUTO mode & off

  • Switch input for sequential mode (cycle of 7 colours)

  • DMX 

  • Radio-frequency receiver is compatible with BJLive! controllers

  • Double WiFi (both for configuration as well as for connecting to the house/centre network)

  • Compatible with the Luminea App


  • The vinyl materials we use in our products are designed to meet the strictest market requirements.

  • Antimicrobial, antibacterial and antifungal protection.

  • Abrasion resistant.

  • Resistant to human sweat and saliva, urine and blood.

  • Total weight: 620 gr/m2

  • Thickness: 0.5mm - 1 mm

  • Complies with REACH regulation

  • Fire-resistant: M2 classification

  • Complies with EN71-3 toy safety.

  • Highly resistant to the sun.


All the foam we use in our products, both polyurethane and polyethylene, are standardized and comply with the strictest European technical and environmental regulations.


Gray, black, blue, light blue, red, orange, yellow, pistachio, green, cream, white, brown.


  • Use non-abrasive soap and water in a drained sponge or cloth
  • Rinse with a humid cloth
  • Dry with a soft, dry cloth
  • Sewings are not waterproof

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