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Snuggle Bag Anchor Support


Anchor support for the Snuggle Bag

This Anchor Support is necessary for the Snuggle Bag to firmly hold up.

The Snuggle Bag surrounds the user putting him in a fetal position and allowing swinging and rocking.

It provides multiple benefits for the propioceptive and vestibular areas; and it is optimal for its use at home, hospitals, kindergartens, schools, as well as sensory rooms.

Besides, it helps with emotional regulation affecting very positively to its users and providing them with great sense of security and calm.

Click here for finding more about the Snuggle Bag and its different sizes and weighs allowed.

Independent of the ceiling you have, you still can hang the snuggle bag very easily. Ask us for the False Ceiling Extension in case you have a suspended or false ceiling.

Suitable for

  • Cerabral palsy
  • Autism spectrum disorder
  • Learning disabilities
  • Small children, early intervention
  • Brain injuries: ictus, traumatic brain injury...

Snuggle Bag not included.

This anchor supports the three sizes related to three different weights of snuggle bags, being suitable for supporting up to 80 kg.

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