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Manage time as never before

Resetea has been designed by Andrés Collazos, a special education teacher, keeping in mind people with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), cognitive or learning disabilities, dementia, and early childhood education. This device is the perfect ally when it comes to organizing a sequence of tasks or activities, since it allows you to see how much time is left for finishing each activity.

Thanks to Resetea you can measure the time of any activity easily and visualize the passage of time. All you need to do is put the related pictograms or pictures symbolizing the task or activity, and let this accessible clock guide you through the passing of time. It tells you when a task is completed and when the next one starts, thanks to its illuminated led lights which indicate the stage that we are at in every moment. Besides, Resetea serves as a clock too, offering the possibility to tell you the time.

For many people, like those with ASD, time is an abstract concept and can be difficult to assimilate. Resetea allows the users to experience time in a visual and linear way, which makes it not only more comprehensible but it also helps to organize tasks more efficiently. Also, by understanding what happens next, anxiety is diminished and users have a feeling of calm and safety which is very important for their well-being.

Resetea also encourages interaction by actively engaging the users to participate during the passage of time.

Benefits of Resetea

This programmable and visual timer allows the user to better understand the organization of time and benefit from its multiple benefits, such as:

  • Reduces anxiety
  • Facilitates patience
  • Avoids frustration
  • Offers autonomy
  • Decreases disruptive conduct
  • Promotes better behaviour
  • Motivates interaction and individual participation
  • Encourages group participation
  • Helps regulate self-control
  • Prevents disorientation
  • Creates a peaceful environment

¿What can I use Resetea for?

You can use Resetea for all kinds of activities or tasks that imply a beginning and an end, or require a specific time for resolution, between 1 and 60 minutes. You can program 1 activity or even a sequence up to 12 different activities which can be visualized in continuity. Resetea is ideal for using at home, school, work, a centre or even for geriatric use.

The lower bar (blue) indicates the passage of time, the coloured panels highlight the current activity, while the red panel indicates a past activity.

Some examples:

  • Morning routine: 3 activities - 2 minutes brushing teeth, get dressed afterwards and walk the dog.
  • Homework: 2 activities - 20 minutes of homework and then we can go and play with the iPad.
  • Classroom: 5 activities - maths, arts & crafts, playground, reading and sports.
  • At the hairdresser: 1 activity - 30 minutes getting your hair cut.
  • At the residence: 3 activities - nap, snack and play dominoes.

Download the templates of Resetea and customize them for your own activities.


  • Programmable for 1-12 tasks, each task can be between 1 and 60 minutes
  • Shows progression of time through colours (light off = future task, white= current task; red= finished task; blue bar = the total time)
  • Protected screen for inserting pictograms or photos to represent activities
  • Includes printable and customizable templates for pictograms or photos
  • Download the files and create your own templates for the activities you need
  • Wall mountable or for use on a table
  • Easy to use buttons allow you to forward, reverse, repeat or pause a task
  • Option to block the buttons
  • 100-240V

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