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Transformable Pouf

Arrange it to the most comfortable position. Ideal for spasticity and low muscle tone

This pouf is the result of innovation and testing with many users. It is designed to adapt to every person and situation, and is useful for people with spasticity or poor muscle tone. This also pouf allows wheelchair users to change posture or be in a comfortable position that permits their participation in an activity or conversation. Our poufs are made with a highly resistant, pleasant material, and are filled with micro balls that adapt to the shape of the body.

This pouf can be perfectly adapted to each individual. It is suitable for those who have poor muscle tone or spasticity. As with all our furniture, vibration can be incorporated.

You can order the poufcase/cover by separate together with its stuffing (BJ-FEMPT).

Suitable for

  • Physical disabilities: spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, ALS, neuromuscular disorders...
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Autism spectrum disorder
  • Brain injuries: ictus, traumatic brain injury...
  • Learning disabilities
  • Visual impairment

Dimensions: 140 x 180 cm.


  • The vinyl materials we use in our products are designed to meet the strictest market requirements.
  • Antimicrobial, antibacterial and antifungal protection.
  • Abrasion resistant.
  • Resistant to human sweat and saliva, urine and blood.
  • Total weight: 620 gr/m2
  • Thickness: 0.5mm - 1 mm
  • Complies with REACH regulation
  • Fire-resistant: M2 classification
  • Complies with EN71-3 toy safety.
  • Highly resistant to the sun.

*You can order the poufcase/cover by separate together with its stuffing (BJ-FEMPT).


All the foam we use in our products, both polyurethane and polyethylene, are standardized and comply with the strictest European technical and environmental regulations.


Gray, black, blue, light blue, red, orange, yellow, pistachio, green, cream, white, brown.


  • Use non-abrasive soap and water in a drained sponge or cloth
  • Rinse with a humid cloth
  • Dry with a soft, dry cloth
  • Sewings are not waterproof

Puff transformable
Joaquín Romero

Desde que tengo este puff, ya no tengo úlceras por presión. Además los espasmos musculares se han reducido ya que mi cuidador puede cambiarme de postura. Se adaptada a mi cuerpo y la vibración hace que pueda sentir los sonidos ¡Es como si estuviera dentro del vídeo!

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