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SHX Contents

SHX Contents Library

The SHX System comes by default with a great number of contents (scenes and ambiances from different topics). In this page, you will find extra downloadable contents, that we will be updated on a regular basis.

These contents (created from the combination of images, videos, lighting effects, sounds, special effects, etc.) present different thematic environments, which allow the user to live a totally immersive experience and customise the room to each user's needs. In some cases, the contents will be designed to work specific therapeutic objectives with a specific type of users.

These extra contents aim at serving as an inspiration for therapists and professionals, who can use these ideas for their working sessions with users within the SHX Multisensory Rooms. However, the SHX System also allows you to customize the actual ambiences or to create new environments fitting every user's needs, thanks to the easy edition mode.

This content library will be regularly updated. The downloadable contents are available in English . Please contact us if you need the translation of the contents into your local language.

How to get the SHX contents:

1. Click on the download button of the selected collection and the download will start automatically.

2. Open the file and click on 'Execute' and accept the installation. The folders will be automatically pasted within your computer (within the location C:∖BJCSHX).

3. Open your SHX Software

4. Go to File > Import (inside the SHX Software), and go to the location of your computer 'C:∖BJCSHX'. Choose the .bjx file of the desired collection and import the whole collection. Click OK. Find more information about import/export functionality in the SHX Room User Guide.



The Basic Collection Extension includes contents such as: new and exotic environments; wild animals from the jungle, surroundings of far away tales, resources for working with different textures, and other creative ideas for working colours or evoking emotions.

Available in the formats: 1 screen (4:3) and 2 screens.
Languages: EN, FR, ES, CA, DE, FI, DA.



The Tube Activities Collection includes different scenes and contents for working a lot of different therapeutic activities involving the bubble tube. This collection of contents is related to the document '51 Activities to do with a bubble tube', which gives you 51 ideas of activities for providing addiotional sensory stimulation. These new ideas for working with a bubble tube have been designed with a range of applications, objectives and different users in mind.

Available in the languages: EN, FR, ES, CA, DE, FI, DA.


The Elderly Collection contents have been designed for working with the elderly, in order to fight the progressive deterioritation of the cognitive, sensorial, motor and social areas that this type of persons may have, and help them achieve emotional well-being through the right stimuli. Read more about how to download these contents.

Available in the formats: 1 screen (4:3) and 2 screens.
Languages: EN, FR, ES, CA.



The Pirate Frog is an interactive children's story containing pictograms about a frog that travels through space. Its an adaptation for multisensory SHX rooms and includes several special effects, sounds, light and colors, character animation, narration and other elements which allow the user to interact with the story. This content is ideal for stimulating senses and participation, and is especially focused on children with intellectual disability, learning difficulties, as well as for early edeucation. Find here how to download this content. Read more about this content.

                                              Available in the formats: 1 screen (4:3 and 16:10) and 2 screens.
                                              Languages: EN, FR, ES, CA, DE, FI, NL, IT.



The Collection 'Connect the Dots' gives you the opportunity to focus on the early stages of neural development. In these stages, people learn to use their senses to understand who they are and what is around them. This set of ideas evolve little by little offering increasingly complex content. It is also helpful for people in advanced stages of degenerative processes. Read more about this collection.