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People with brain injuries

People with brain injuries

People who have suffered a traumatism, a stroke or any other cerebrovascular accident may have difficulties in different areas such as mobility, cognition, language and sensory perception.

Our solutions for people with brain injuries provide support and assistance for both therapeutic work and everyday activities.

Every person has different needs, which makes personalized solutions essential.

BJLive! has cooperated with the main Spanish hospitals that work with brain injury patients, creating solutions that can be adapted to suit the needs of each of them.

How can we help you?

Let’s talk about how we can help you to find assistive solutions to:
  • Adapt your home to make it accessible and comfortable for you, your family and your caregivers.
  • Facilitate comfortable access to computers for people with reduced mobility.
  • Encourage interaction with the environment.
  • Enhance sensory perception with specific materials.
  • Create sensory spaces for therapeutic intervention.
  • Offer alternatives for adapted, accessible leisure and wellbeing activities within the home.
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Detects very small movements

Trigger an alarm for your family anywhere in the house

Control your bed

Make phone calls with a hands-free phone

Control lights, doors and other elements

Control blinds, windows, curtains or other motorized elements

Turn on/off your household appliances or adapted devices

Control up to two lights, doors or other elements

Control up to two lights, doors or other elements

9 relay outputs for the control of lifts, buttons or other systems

Control household appliances by means of a switch in a simple way and perform hundreds of activities

Control any household device from your computer

Control up to 112 household devices in an accessible manner

Control up to 11 household elements in an integrative and accessible way

The simplified environmental control

Trigger an alarm in another room

Firm hold for tablets, communicators and other devices

Control the computer with your chin

Choose the direction of the pointer with its big buttons

Fully customizable progressive joystick

Fully customizable and simplified progressive joystick

Fully customizable sturdy joystick

Fully customizable and simplified sturdy joystick

Connect BOY Ring Wireless to more than one device

Very sensitive progressive joystick for minimal finger strength

Very sensitive microswitch joystick for minimal finger strength

Turn your wheelchair's joystick into a mouse

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